We are fortunate at Jensen Architects to work with some extraordinary clients, organizations and individuals with ambitious ideas. This has developed into a process and approach that values inquisitiveness, craft and partnership while reaffirming our commitment to architecture’s role in shaping a vital, dynamic society.


We strive to practice at the confluence of art, architecture, and building technology, designing buildings and environments grounded in place and culture, and engaged in a conversation about the future. Working across a wide range of project types, sizes and budgets, we place design in the service of people and communities.


Clarity and Beauty

At JENSEN, we approach design, engineering and construction as inseparable endeavors and their integration a source of architecture’s poetry and sustainability. We explore broadly to understand the true purpose of each commission—from the perspective of those whom it will serve—and know the best solutions aren’t always the most familiar ones. Through these insights we work to achieve the most with the least, finding simplicity in complexity and making the ordinary extraordinary.



We favor curiosity over specialization, and cultivate agile leaders capable of handling projects as varied as a house, a theater, or a municipal substation. In our work, we savor the open-ended possibilities of each unique commission and encourage the cross-pollination between building types as a source of fresh ideas.



JENSEN’s take on collaboration is rooted in integrity and accountability. We’re privileged to be part of an amazing community of clients, consultants, builders, fabricators and artists, and when we sit down around the table, we look forward to both learning and leading because we have that level of trust. This is a guiding principle in our studio as well: by creating space for new ideas and individual growth, we are a stronger practice.