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Art and the City

From a trio of adapted warehouses emerges the future of San Francisco’s Arts Community.

Arts Ecosystem

Since opening in 2016, Minnesota Street Project’s main building at 1275 Minnesota has become a destination for San Francisco’s arts community – a place to experience exhibitions, installations, and gatherings. But MSP is much more than this one building: it’s an urban campus of three adapted warehouses inhabited by galleries, artists studios, nonprofits and art services. Together their presence builds the resiliency of the city’s arts community, adding a kind of social infrastructure.

MSP Campus 18
MSP Aerial
MSP Campus 28

Creative Buzz

Across the street at 1240 Minnesota, artists and visiting residents are busy at work. Within this industrial metal shell, freestanding plywood structures define neat rows of private studios, staging galleries and other shared resources, all open to the skylights above. Life within this hive of creativity spills out into the street through hanger doors and a clutch of picnic tables, engaging passersby.

MSP Campus 23
MSP Campus 22
MSP Campus 16
MSP Campus 15
MSP Campus 19

A Third Pillar

Just down the street is 1150 25th Street, a complex of larger spaces – occupied by The McEvoy Arts Foundation, Altman Siegel Gallery, and Slash Art – along with MSP’s offices and art services. Designed for the needs of private collectors, including state-of-the-art storage and management, the art services arm provides a sustaining income source for the entire endeavor.

MSP Campus 09
MSP Campus 10
MSP Campus 05
MSP Campus 02

Tying it Together

Minnesota Street Project imagined its campus as a welcoming part of the neighborhood. Addresses painted in building-size numerals make a set of the three buildings, and wide sidewalks, including an extension to 1150, claim ample public space for strolling, exploring and connecting. It’s this coming and going of people that knits together the neighborhood’s edge.

Image Credit: Minnesota Street Project
MSP Campus 03
MSP Campus 25
MSP Campus 806
MSP Campus 01
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