Sweetgreen, Santa Monica

Sweetgreen Santa Monica

Showcasing Freshness

A former clothing store gets a makeover and becomes one of the first Los Angeles locations for a growing brand offering healthy fare in a warm, convivial setting.

Made from Scratch

Sweetgreen is a national brand known for offering wholesome meals in settings inspired by their local communities. For their Santa Monica location, a clothing store in its previous life, this meant building the entire food-service infrastructure from scratch. JENSEN provided full-service design, including custom food service equipment, menu and building signage, and reclaimed-oak seating. The concrete floor and structural bays of the original building interior frame and support a clean, neutral aesthetic that is warmed through wood panels, wooden furniture and the fresh food offerings.

Sweetgreen, Santa Monica
Sweetgreen, Santa Monica
Sweetgreen, Santa Monica

Open Display

Large glass-door coolers and produce displays surrounding the open food prep area, showcase the food and its freshness at all stages of preparation. The food’s local origin is highlighted as well, with a chalkboard listing the local farms and ranches where ingredients were procured. A clean, white, monolithic counter accentuates the vibrancy of the food, whose bright colors are reflected by the surrounding ceramic tile and stainless steel.

Sweetgreen, Santa Monica
Sweetgreen, Santa Monica

Communal Ambiance

An atmosphere of warmth and sharing pervades this refined space for healthy fast food. A continuous banquet runs along the back wall, framing a large communal table. The seating fosters a sense of togetherness that is central to Sweetgreen’s vision.

Sweetgreen, Santa Monica
Sweetgreen, Santa Monica

Outdoor Freshness

Seating extends outdoors, engaging street life and connecting to the community. Integrating the benches with the building façade respects property line concerns, avoiding encroachment in public right of way while still activating the street. During Santa Monica’s plentiful sunny days, the tables stand as an inviting presence within the neighborhood.

Sweetgreen, Santa Monica
Santa Monica


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Project Leads
Mark Jensen
Lincoln Lighthill
Andrew Ballard
Project Team
Paul Jones
Nina Marquardsen
Lauren Takeda
Davide Pretto
Eduardo Dana


FTF Structural Engineers
Integral Group
Graphic Design


Tri-Quest Builders


Courtesy of Sweetgreen
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