06 YouTube Office 3

YouTube Office 3

The Creator’s Space

A workplace study in color, art and craft

The Art Life

YouTube broadcasts and empowers a wide spectrum of creators across the globe. Since 2016 the company has partnered with JENSEN to create workspaces attuned to this mission. This update of an existing 35,000-sf interior, reimagines the space as a creator’s home-studio. Ordinary elements – color, art, and furnishings – composed with a curator’s eye yield a cohesive yet eclectic experience that is inspiring, playful, and natural. 

10 YouTube Office 3 (cropped)
03 YouTube Office 3
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Simply Made

Many YouTube creators express themselves using everyday tools they can find in their home. Prompted by this creative ethos,  JENSEN turned to collage, a form of art made by everyone from master artists to children. The spatial murals composed of cut-out shapes were developed using simple materials and methods: paper, scissors and paint. They greet arrivals in full color at the elevator lobbies, then recede into the background as shadowlike shapes. The shapes and compositions signal interaction in social spaces and movement in the halls, enhancing intuitive wayfinding

01 YouTube Office 3
YouTube Office 3 Mural in Progress
07 YouTube Office 3

Personal Touch

Communal kitchens and open office lounges draw people together with a distinctive, playful collection of furnishings that evokes YouTube’s inquisitive and inclusive culture. Pieces by emerging designer-makers – from California, to Oaxaca, to Marrakech – mix with modern classics to conjure the pleasures of travel, discovery, and objects gathered over time. Art selected for meeting and phone rooms gives each space a unique character. The eighty pieces explore themes of collage, motion and home, bringing together different interpretations from all parts of the world.

08 YouTube Office 3
05 YouTube Office 3


A layered approach to color with inspiration from nature plays off of existing finishes to reset the mood and enhance the experience of the interiors. Darker tones anchor the core, giving flat walls richness and depth. Against this backdrop, saturated hues – different at each floor –  light up elevator lobbies and frame the full-color murals.  Washes of calming colors, misty blues and moss greens support focused work, while lighter hues brighten meeting rooms. More than meets the eye, color fosters creativity and collaboration.

YouTube Office 3 Paints
02 YouTube Office 3
YouTube 3 Color Diagram
04 YouTube Office 3
San Bruno


Project Leads
Mark Jensen
Dean Orr
Interiors and Graphics
Nicole Germano


Lighting Design
HLB Lighting




Mariko Reed
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